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Tips cara mendapat investor untuk ...

Tips cara mendapat investor untuk bisnis startup atau perusahaan baru

1. Bikin startup kamu muncul di techinasia, Dialysocial, techcrunch, e27, detik dll
jadi semakin banyak, semakin bagus, dan trusted

2. List email angel investor yang kita target
bisa dari, rocketreach, sama
kalau sudah dapat blast saja, atau send mail manual

contoh emailnya seperti ini :

Title: Nama Founder (nama kamu) // <namastartupmu> // Pitch Deck

Dear Sir/Madam

I am CEO of <namastartupmu> – a Silicon Valley real estate startup launched in 2016.
Top media outlets became intrigued by our product and featured us on TV (prime time news), online and radio.
Last year we successfully raised $1.2 mln in the first Seed Round.
Now due to explosive growth, we are raising Second Round of $2.0 mln.
We already have commitment for $1.8 mln and are looking to secure only additional $200k.
We would be honored if you consider joining our high-profile Angel investors, who are:
-  Principal at The Carlyle Group
-  Senior Executive at Google
-  CEO at Synergo Private Equity
-  VP of Technology at Ericsson
-  CEO at Intensity Corporation
-  Partner at Pegasus Capital
-  MD at Boston Venture Fund
<namastartup> is the first closed-loop platform that makes the long-term rental process transparent and efficient.
It allows tenants to submit custom offers and potentially save $87 bln on move-in costs that are currently blocked as rental security deposits.
Homeowners can make more money from renters who want to secure place faster by offering higher price.
Key points:
- 2 offices
- 15 people
- Highly prized and expert CTO
- Successfully raised $1.2 mln
- Top industry advisors: Managing Director of DFJ Fund (invested in Tesla and SpaceX)
Please find the link to the investor presentation:
<kasih link presentasi kamu, karena ini judulnya kamu sedang mail blast ya, kalau email manual bisa attach>
We would love to have you as our Angel investor since your expertise/advice and high caliber profile would ultimately benefit
the Company and allow us to have a well-rounded group of investors.

In case of interest, I can always jump on the call or send you additional information.

Thank you very much for your time.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Sincerely Yours,
Nama Kamu
PT <namastartupmu>
m. nomor handphone mu
a. Epiwalk Office Tower A529 Kuningan - South Jakarta

Tapi inget di footer kasih ini
biar yang nerima, ga bocorin rahasia perusahan kita ke orang lain

3. Kalau ada yang reply, silahkan bikin appointment untuk ngobrol-ngobrol atau ngamar.
habis minta pitch desk rata-rata mereka akan tanya foundernya satu-satu
sama financial projection tadi selama 5-6 bulan aja dulu.
itu untuk tahap pre-seed dan produk belum jadi atau belum ada pengguna

Nah ini dia tips yang udah kami himpun dari sumber di sebuah diskusi
semoga bermanfaat untuk kita semua dan selamat menjalani bisnis startup digital kamu

Berikut adalah contoh pitch deck yang semoga bisa bermanfaat, pitch deck milik rentberry

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